Short story of me.

So we all are a little broken inside and that’s okay.
I was actually the kind of the one who didn’t believe in love…i actually thought it wasn’t anything like unless i became a part of it.

So yeah a kind of hyper girl. I always used to be happy. And i never thought that life could be this tough. I was so confident about myself that I use to laugh at people who take life too seriously. Maybe i did that because at that point of time i didn’t have any problems of my own. Till the age of 16 it was a simple life where no worries nothing. But then I came to India I made new friends. And then I Realized i actually lost everything. I lost my true friends I lost my everything.

I thought I could survive. BUT it wasn’t that easy.
I lived in Riyadh for 16 years among all good people. I never imagined bad people do exist. but when i came to India , everything changed. I found people wearing masks of goodness.
I even got frustrated all the times. But now its like I have a habit of being around these kind of people.

And so from now am going to write about my story so that people who are struggling with their lives will get strength to survive.


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