I too had a love story. !

I never wanted to. But I still did. What I feared the most. I made someone addicted to me. I made someone fall in love with me.

I too had a love story. The one very different from others.

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I fell in love with this guy. I was actually a kind of a girl who wouldn’t easily fall for anyone. I was stubborn. But this guy had something which made me fall for him. It was not because he look good to me physically but because he made me feel good spiritually.

He would treat me very gently. We use to had a great time together. I still remember when he first went on his knees to propose me. I couldn’t help but laugh. I never imagined anyone doing that for me. But i felt very happy.

Months past and we became much closer. We went on dates and had a nice time together.But we used to fight a lot on silly things but still i loved it because it was him.

He used to do all those things that made me happy.He was ready to do anything for me. Maybe it was me who wasn’t willing to give much because i thought if i m going to give him much importance he will take me for granted and we ll end up breaking up like any other couple and i didn’t want that to happen. I loved him so much I couldn’t even think of living without him. I had the fear of losing him which made me stay away from him.

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I trusted him more than anyone else. I believed he was a one women man. I actually was proud to have him in my life. but the constant womanly instincts of mine had thinking that no guy could be so true and so good. But i ignored my instincts.

Every night i waited for him to come home so that i could call and talk to him.It didn’t matter to me if we talked about nothing. but what mattered was his voice.His voice was enough to make me happy.

It made me so angry when he used to hangout with other girls. I wanted to say him that i didn’t like that. but i couldn’t. I have no idea why i couldn’t stop him from doing things i didn’t like. I never wanted him to change for me. I accepted him as he was. I never could say anyone to change.

But he wanted to change me. He made his best attempts to change me but i didn’t. Why did he wanted to change me? Didn’t he love me the way I was?

Yeah he did love me. but not enough to let me stay as i was.


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