Religion or Love?

Loving someone is not easy. you have to make a lot of compromises to stay together. As the time passed i realised this is a wrong doing . My religion doesn’t allow me to have love affairs without marriage. I started feeling guilty about myself. I couldn’t decide whether to choose religion or love.

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I said him I cannot continue our relationship. I tried hard to leave him. but he said I ain’t that religious then  why i am even thinking about it.he always convinced me not to leave him. But each time i used to talk to him the more guilty i felt about myself. I felt guilty for doing things that my religion doesn’t allow me and my parents would be heart broken if they knew what there daughter did.

Each time we talked, each time we met I had this guilt inside me growing. I couldn’t help but fall for him deeper.

But i had to leave him. I had to do something. I though I will leave him now and i am gonna pray to god until I get married to him in religious way. But till that i shouldn’t be in touch with him.

I decided to mess up with him so that he will leave me by himself. but it didn’t work out. He didn’t give up on .He tried even harder to stay.And when the things went out of control it was a big chaos.

He started showing his true colors that I never have seen. He started treating me like shit.He even started blackmailing me. And then he started saying shitty things about my family. I was in shock hearing all those things from him. I wanted to leave him immediately but he blackmailed me.

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How could I think about marrying a person who cannot respect me. Who spits shitty things on me. Who says shit about my family.

I was trapped in his game. I couldn’t get out of this situation. But somehow with help of my friends i did get out of this situation.

But then i felt sad that how can he do this to me? how could he make me cry so much?

How can he even think of hurting me?

After all this I still cannot forget him.


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